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Welcome to, Charitable company dedicated to promoting equality and diversity through the elimination of discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Our mission is to empower disabled individuals to achieve independence by addressing the needs gap that often exists between employment and receiving government assistance.

Building Supportive Communities

We believe that community capacity building and investment in social charities are key to achieving our goals. That is why we have developed several initiatives aimed at supporting disabled individuals in their chosen workplaces, business ventures, and volunteer activities.

Raised out of £10,000

Helping People Reach Their Potential

Internal and external fundraising efforts are central to our mission. Our grants program awards financial assistance to disabled employees, volunteers, and entrepreneurs, enabling them to access essential resources such as assistive technology, specialised equipment, and job coaching. Our goal is to help them reach their full potential in the workplace.

Our Commitment

At GG, we are committed to creating a more inclusive and supportive world for disabled individuals. Join us in our mission to eliminate discrimination and promote equality and diversity for all by promoting equality and diversity through the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of age, sex or sexual orientation but overall, for their position as a disabled person trying to have independence.

How We Are Growing Support:

We support disabled people to overcome the ‘needs’ gaps that occurs in the time between becoming employed and receiving any government assistance to be supported in their chosen workplace, business venture or volunteer choices.

  • We  do this through a range of internal and external fundraising efforts that will enable us to plug these gaps by awarding grants for disabled employees, volunteers and entrepreneurs.
  • The grants will allow them to access things such as assistive technology, specialist equipment and job coaching so they can fulfil their full potential in the workplace.
  • We run events that raise awareness of the challenges that disabled people face in accessing the world around them. iincluding campaigns in line with local and national government agendas
  • We Work with the media and on social media platforms for disabled people to have a voice eg GBNews, Clubhouse, Linkedin

News and Articles

Support and Events

In addition to financial support, we also run a series of awareness-raising events to highlight the challenges that disabled individuals face in accessing the world around them. Our campaigns align with local and national government agendas, and we work closely with media and social media platforms, including GB News, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn, to give disabled individuals a voice and to raise awareness of their needs.

 We Also Support:

  • the promotion of community capacity building
  • charities concerned with social investment

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