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About Us

Accessibility Partners – Your solution…

Hi my name is Mandy-Jayne, I’m a trained teacher, a disability advocate, a professional coach and therapeutically trained. I set up Accessability Partners to support people get the help and support they need to access work in a fair manner.

Let me introduce you to our services

Accessibility Partners exists to work with others in order that we can together achieve the greatest possible outcomes through the fastest solutions and that these solutions are tailored to individual needs.

We already host a range of services to achieve this, we would like to introduce you to them. It’s great that you are here, we hope that Accessibility Partners can help you or someone close to you to make the change they want to see. We want to hear from you because you could benefit from our services both as a client and then potentially as someone who trains to work with us!

At Accessibility Partners we have lived through many experiences of disability. We use our life experience to help others who have lived through adversity too, now we pass that learning onto you. We train others in these methods and provide them with the culmination of our learning. If you have extensive life experiences, we want to hear from you.

We have a range of solutions you can harness in order that you can come and work for us. If you think you have something to give, and you’re willing to learn, then we might have solutions that suit your needs.

At Accessibility Partners, we value everyone equally. Regardless of any protected characteristic difference, disability or challenge, we’re here to make sure everyone has an equal chance to make the difference they want to see in this world.

Mandy-Jayne Lace